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Endless Slideshow Screensaver

Best slideshow screensaver - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for this screensaver?

You need a PC with any MS Windows to run Endless Slideshow Screensaver. No additional modules or downloads is required. You'll need about 2MB on your hard disk to install the screensaver and more space if you're going to let it download wallpapers.

Is it compatible with Windows 10?

Endless Slideshow Screensaver is 100% compatible with Windows 10.

What is the maximum number of pictures in the slideshow?

The number of pictures in the slideshow is NOT limited! We tested the screensaver with more than 20,000 pictures - it worked just fine.

How can I turn off the wallpaper download and view only pictures from my hard disk?

You have to open the screensaver settings window (you can do it from Windows Start menu) and select the Internet pictures tab. On this tab uncheck the Download pictures of the following category box along with Show downloaded pictures box. Now you can select the Local pictures tab where you can choose local or network folders with pictures to include in the slide show. Step-by-step- tutorial: My photos slideshow

What are the differences between free and Pro version?

You can find the list of differences between free and Pro version here.

Where downloaded wallpapers are saved?

The name of the folder where all downloaded wallpapers are saved is shown in the screensaver settings, on the Internet tab. There is a section called Save downloaded pictures into where you can view and change the folder name.

Can I start the screensaver manually, just like any other application, without waiting for the timeout?

Yes, you can. Simply go to Windows Start menu -> All programs -> Endless Slideshow Screensaver. There you will find shortcuts to start the screensaver and to open the screensaver settings window. Here is a short tutorial on how to configure and start Endless Slideshow Screensaver on Windows 7.

Can I limit the number of wallpapers downloaded per day?

Yes, you can. Open the screensaver settings window and select the Internet tab. There is a section called Download limit. This is where you can set the maximum number of wallpapers downloaded by the screensaver per day or per session.

Can I use my default picture viewer to view the downloaded wallpapers?

Yes, of course! Simply open the folder where all downloaded wallpapers are saved (we explained above how to find that folder) and double-click on any picture file.

How do I turn Endless Slideshow Screensaver into sexy screensaver?

Please read this article about turning Endless Slideshow Screensaver into the sexy screensaver.

If you have any other questions about Endless Slideshow Screensaver - please write us or visit the Endless Slideshow Screensaver forum. We will be happy to help!

Latest release:
version 1.10.1
File size:
4 MB
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