Endless Slideshow Screensaver

Free photo slideshow screensaver
and wallpaper downloader

Endless Slideshow Screensaver updates history

version 1.20.3
  • Czech interface translation added
  • Wallpaper download module improved
version 1.20.2
  • Fixed a bug that prevented copying picture file with [ X ] key after copying picture file name to clipboard with [ C ] key
version 1.20.1
  • Value of the [ IPTC: Headline ] tag can now be shown as an Overlay Text
  • UTF-8 values in IPTC tags are now displayed correctly
version 1.20
  • Pictures with transparency are displayed and scaled correctly now
  • Long file names (as well as any other long text without spaces) in now truncated if it does not fit the display area
  • Support for several image formats improved, including SVG, PSD, XPS, TIFF and some others
version 1.19.1
  • Minor fixes and improvements
  • Wallpaper download module improved
version 1.19
  • Picture rating filter added - view only images with specified rating, including or excluding unrated pictures.
  • Wallpaper download module improved
  • Minor fixes and improvements
version 1.18
  • Separate overlay text elements can now have their own font, size, color, background and all other properties - you can customize each overlay text individually now
  • [ Text during transition ] option behavior was fixed - text is displayed properly now during every stage of the transition
version 1.17.1
  • Added support for WEBP image format
  • Minor fixes and improvements
version 1.17
  • New file and picture filter types are now available. In the File filters users can now limit picture files by file creation and modification dates. In the Picture filters - by aspect ratio, orientation, picture size in pixels and EXIF, IPTC dates.
version 1.16.1
  • Multi-monitor support fixed
version 1.16
  • Added the ability to exclude pictures with selected keywords from the slideshow
  • Added support for [ EXIF: Lens... ] tags
version 1.15
  • Copy all currently shown picture files to a folder specified in the screensaver settings on [ X ] key
  • Added support for multi-line text in Overlay Texts. If original text does not fit the picture or screen width - it is wrapped to the next line automatically. Also if original text has several lines - all of them are shown respectively now.
  • Improved support of international characters in Overlay Texts showing EXIF_XP... tags
version 1.14.6
  • Access to the online wallpaper repository restored
  • Wallpaper download module improved
version 1.14.5
  • Added the ability to enable/disable exit from the screensaver on mouse click
  • Added [ IPTC: Sub-location ] tag to the list of available Overlay Text tags.
version 1.14.4
  • EXIF values interpretation updated to keep up with the newer EXIF versions
  • Wallpaper download module improved
version 1.14.3
  • Fixed a problem with character encoding when showing information from EXIF and IPTC
  • Minor fixes and improvements
version 1.14.2
  • Algorithm that positions pictures in a grid (when there is more than one picture on every monitor) is improved in general and when [ Stretch small pictures ] option is on.
  • Spanish interface translation added
  • Several bugs were fixed
version 1.14.1
  • Fixed a problem with screensaver startup when slideshow had more than 100,000 images
  • Wallpaper download module improved
version 1.14
  • Support for Ultra HD (4K, 8K) TVs and monitors. Your photos will look sharp and clear on those devices now!
  • New overlay text tags allowing to display some picture file information, including file size, creation date/time, modification date/time
version 1.13.2
  • Duplicate wallpaper downloads prevented
version 1.13.1
  • Several bugs were fixed
version 1.13
  • Play music files while the slideshow is running
  • Pictures with Unicode characters in file name can now be shown in the slideshow
  • Ability to add local or network folder by typing the full path (useful when the folder is not shown in the folder selection window)
version 1.12
  • Use currently shown picture (blurred and stretched to fill entire screen) as background
  • Use user-editable values of Windows Explorer image properties (like Title, Subject, Authors, Tags, Date Taken) in overlay text
  • New version notification is now visible during the slideshow
  • All EXIF, IPTC and Windows Explorer date time tags can now be shown with or without time part
version 1.11.1
  • .DNG files are now supported
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect total number of pictures
version 1.11
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • Smart image positioning when showing more than one picture per monitor - wide images take more space if it is available
  • Wallpaper download engine improved
  • Several minor bugs fixed
version 1.10.2
  • Installation package now adds new item to the Endless Slideshow Screensaver folder in the Windows Start menu. This item allows to open standard Windows Screen Saver Settings window where screensaver auto-start timeout is configured
  • Wallpaper download engine upgraded
  • Several bugs were fixed
version 1.10.1
  • New overlay text tag allowing to see how much time left to next picture. Example usage:
    Next photo in [#ttTimeToNextFrame#]
  • Slideshow timer can now use hours (and works properly with hours now)
  • Slideshow timer does not include the transition time anymore. It is strictly time between pictures now - the timer starts after transition is finished
  • Built-in bug report system upgraded - it does not use user email anymore to deliver bug report. Reports now uploaded directly to the server
version 1.10
  • Small pictures can be positioned not only in screen center now, but in a random position if they occupy less then any given percentage of available screen space
  • Wallpaper downloader module updated and now the screensaver downloads more high-quality wallpapers
  • Automatic check for a new version is now built into the screensaver settings window
  • Fixed a visual bug with a 1-pixel line not being cleared from top or left of the screen
version 1.9
  • Position overlay text relatively to the image position, as well to the screen position. This one is useful when displaying more than one image per monitor
  • New option allowing to auto-reset shown images history. Plus a button to manually reset the history
  • Start-up speed increased a little bit when there are more 100,000 images in the slideshow
version 1.8.1
  • Several bugs were fixed
version 1.8
  • Display up to 20 pictures on every monitor
  • Freely combine any tags with custom text in the overlay text
  • Support for IPTC tags in overlay text
  • Local and network folders are now shown in a tree view, allowing to enable/disable any sub-folder
  • More than 20 new transition effects
  • More high-quality wallpapers can be downloaded in every category
version 1.7
  • New actions: rotate (and automatically save) currently shown image 90 degrees left or right with [ L ] and [ R ] buttons
  • Overlay text (like photo file name, total number of photos and so on) now shown on all monitors, not only on main monitor
  • More randomness: another attempt to shuffle images so that any photo from any folder has a chance to show up in the slideshow at any moment
version 1.6
  • Some RAW photo formats are now supported
  • New section in the Viewer tab of screensaver settings: File filters. Options in this section allow to filter files for the slideshow by file format, file size, or EXIF tags
  • Transition preview window is now available in the Slide Show section of the screensaver settings
version 1.5.1
  • 40 new transition effects
  • Minor fixes and improvements
version 1.5
  • Increased startup and shutdown speed. Also the screensaver can now be interrupted during the initial picture list creation
  • New Smart crop feature that allows to make picture fit the screen without loosing the original picture proportions
  • New overlay text tags: [#ttPictureFileNameNoExt#] shows picture file name without extension, [#ttPictureFolderName#] shows picture folder name
  • Fixed a bug with random angle picture rotation
version 1.4
  • New overlay text - can be placed anywhere on the screen. It contains any picture information, including EXIF, image file data and so on, plus any free text.
  • Improved the quality of downloaded wallpapers
  • Copy current file name to Windows clipboard with [ C ] key press
  • Hide / restore all text with [ H ] key press
  • Minor fixes and improvements
version 1.3.1
  • Added a possibility to delete a picture that is currently shown with a single key press
  • Minor fixes and improvements
version 1.3
  • Improved multi-monitor systems support. Now different monitors show different photos
  • Sub-folders of selected local or network folders are included automatically now if users chooses so
  • Added a possibility to turn off the screensaver when monitor is going to power-save mode
  • Distort images to fill entire screen
  • Draw frame of chosen size and color around the photo
  • Dramatically improved screensaver start-up speed
  • Added a possibility to show clock at the bottom status line
version 1.2
  • Users can now select several wallpaper categories, not just one. Every time the screensaver starts, a random category is chosen among selected and wallpapers from that category are downloaded.
  • Screensaver now stores the list of pictures it shown before and shows only new pictures
  • Added slideshow navigation using arrow buttons to view previous or next picture
version 1.1
  • Added an option to exclude unwanted transition effects
  • Possibility to stretch small pictures
  • Improved multi-monitor support
Latest release:
version 1.20.3
File size:
7.9 MB

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