Endless Slideshow Screensaver

Free photo slideshow screensaver
and wallpaper downloader

Upgrade to Endless Slideshow Screensaver Pro

More transition effects, slideshow navigation, unlimited wallpapers

Upgrade your slideshow screensaver to Pro version for as low as $19.95 and unlock important additional features.

The Pro license never expires and you will never have to pay again for any future version. You can use Endless Slideshow Screensaver Pro on 2 PCs.

Take a look at the feature comparison list below to see exactly why Pro version is better.

Features version
Free Pro
Number of photos from disk or local network Unlimited Unlimited
Adjustable transition duration Yes Yes
Adjustable delay between photos Yes Yes
Shrink big photos to fit the screen Yes Yes
Stretch small photos to fit the screen Yes Yes
Background color selection Yes Yes
Background image selection Yes Yes
Automatic photo rotation using EXIF tags Yes Yes
Photo rotation using random angle Yes Yes
Set current photo as desktop wallpaper on [ Enter ] key Yes Yes
Close screensaver on monitor power off Yes Yes
Show photos in random or sequential order Yes Yes
Multi-monitor support Yes Yes
Filter files by type (extension) Yes Yes
Number of available transition effects 30 240+
Maximum pictures per monitor 4 20
Play your music files in the background No Yes
Display EXIF tags in overlay text No Yes
Display IPTC tags in overlay text No Yes
Display current date and / or time No Yes
Configurable frame around the photo No Yes
Use stretched and blurred version of currently shown picture as background No Yes
Filter files by file size No Yes
Filter files by file creation or modification date No Yes
Filter photos by keywords or tags No Yes
Filter pictures by aspect ratio No Yes
Filter pictures by orientation No Yes
Filter pictures by size in pixels No Yes
Filter pictures by EXIF or IPTC dates No Yes
Maximum number of wallpapers downloaded per category 50 Unlimited
Pause and resume the slideshow on [ Space ] key No Yes
Show next photo on [ ] key No Yes
Show previous photo on [ ] key No Yes
Delete current photo on [ Del ] key No Yes
Copy current picture file name to Clipboard on [ C ] key No Yes
Copy currently shown picture files to a selected folder on [ X ] key No Yes
Hide / restore all overlay text on [ H ] key No Yes
Rotate photo 90 degrees left with [ L ] key or 90 degrees right with [ R ] key No Yes
Configure and run up to 5 different command lines with file names of currently shown pictures on keys [ 1 ] - [ 5 ] No Yes
Latest release:
version 1.22.2
File size:
14.9 MB

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