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Execute custom command line from photo slideshow

with currently shown picture file name(s)

Endless Slideshow Screensaver allows to configure up to 5 different command lines to be executed with currently shown picture file names when user presses a corresponding key: [1] to [5]. So, first of all, open the screensaver settings, select the Viewer tab, Actions section. Then select one of the Run custom command actions to configure it.

Custom command line settings

The command line should start with a full path to your executable file or batch script enclosed in quotes, followed by a space character and then parameters. Your parameters should contain [#FileName#] text, which will be replaced with the full file name of currently shown picture when the command line is about to be executed. For example:

"C:\Path\To\Program\Program.exe" [#FileName#]


"C:\my-batch-file.bat" -filename=[#FileName#]

You do not need to add quotes before and after the [#FileName#] text - it will be done automatically.

When several pictures are shown simultaneously (for example, on several monitors or when the slideshow is configured to show several pictures per monitor) you have the following command line execution options:

  • Run your command line for every currently shown picture file name separately

    In this case [#FileName#] is replaced with the first picture file name and the command line is executed. Then the text is replaced with the second picture file name and the command line is executed again. Then the third, and so on for every picture that is currently shown.

  • Run your command line once for all currently shown pictures together

    In this case the [#FileName#] is replaced with all picture file names like this:

    "C:\Path\Picture1.jpg" "C:\Another\Folder\Picture2.jpg" "C:\Picture3.png"

    Every picture file name is enclosed in quotes and they are separated with a space character.

Latest release:
version 1.21.2
File size:
10.4 MB

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